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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chocolate muffins

I've tried using the most famous and expensive cocoa powder that I see in grocery stores, but I can't seem to be contented with the taste of my chocolate muffins. Then, I tried Goya's cocoa powder recently and it was perfect! Yey! Denden, my number one customer, loved it!

Baby's First Haircut

Two things are said regarding the baby's first haircut, according to "older" people.  First, you could only cut your baby's hair when she turns one year old, not earlier than that.  Well, we didn't really want to cut Euen's hair, it was the perfect length for pigtails and her bangs are already way past her eyes so it isn't bothering her anymore.  But she turned one already and we were beginning to get "pressured."   

Thus, we decided to get the scissors, a towel and a clothespin for the baby's first haircut.  We just cut the ends of her hair, less than an inch, to a "layered" style.  Hahaha.  And we aren't really sure if it's straight because she won't sit/stand still. 

The second thing, they say that your baby will inherit the intelligence of the first person to cut her hair.  So it was just a choice between me or her father.  Thus, I will not say who did. 

P.S. It is also said that you could cut your baby's eyelashes when she's one.  When it grows back, it will be longer.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Go Around the World for Euen

Here are some preparations made for Euen's party.  First, the invitation with Mamaninang's final edit who insisted into putting a picture of the baby.  I made it look like a boarding pass.

Second, she had a photoshoot for her photobooth design and her tarpauline.   She was just in her pigtails, naked in a basket.  The artist made to look like she was in a hot-air balloon effect.

Third, her lootbag courtesy of Angkong's tindahan.  We collected all goodies from there and placed in a bag.

Fourth, the different flags hanged on the windows of venue and the centertables of globes with air planes. Thanks to Shashing, KS, Mamacherub and Kuya Ikoy.

Fifth, I requested for fifty balloons with helium.  It been a while since I've been to party with balloons that really fly.  I had them tied up in a basket for the same hot-air balloon effect.

Sixth, aside from the normal food from a catering service.  I also got an ice cream cart, with the classic dirty ice cream.

Next, I looked for a host for the party that will also do balloon twisting, puppet and magic show.

Next, I "customized" games for the party, i.e. E is for Euen, bring me game for babies, and prepared prizes for the games.

Next, we got a cake artist, courtesy of the sister of Shashing's bestfriend. Thus, the perfect little cake for the party.

Next, cupcakes especially baked by Mamaninang for tokens.

And lastly, the souvenirs.  Ikea cups and finger puppets with a few goodies inside.

Yes, it's a party!  Preparations made were almost the same as my wedding's.  And the number of guests?  MORE than the number of guests at my wedding.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Euen's Twelfth Month

Yey! Our baby is one year old!!  18 lbs. this month, her sixth teeth came out already.  She's started a few steps on her own but she's very cautious and didn't want to fall so she'll either sit down and crawl or find something to hold on to.  Just a few days ago, she walked 10 steps on her own! Good job, Euen!

Sadly, on her birthday, she also became sick with colds and coughs, for the first time.  It pains me to hear her cough and see her have a hard time breathing and sleeping.  A temperature of 38.5 made me bring her to the doctor.  She was prescribed with meds and hopefully, she'll be better before her party.

I baked NY cheesecake and brought a new set of candles.  We went to hear mass and my sisters came for dinner.  Good thing, she didn't lose her appetite.  And she's still active and playful even if sick.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

After seven years

I couldn't believe it! Ikoy  is now seven years old!  It means I've been writing in this blog for almost seven years now! And it means, I'm really getting older! Haha.

I look back on his previous birthdays posted here.  Especially his cars party!  This year, we asked what he wanted, to ride an airplane or a party.  He opted for the airplane ride, thus the Boracay trip to which he was indeed very happy. On the plane ride, boat ride and the swimming on the beach where he wanted to live in.

On the other had, his family gave him a Woody-themed party as well, so both his wishes were granted.  We had a Woody cake for him too.

Really a BIG boy now, he has grown to be a good kuya to Euen.  And  he never fails to give us reasons to still pick him up on Saturdays and spend the weekends with him.

We will always love you Ikoy.  To infinity and beyond.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Euen's Eleventh Month

Euen's eleventh month was spent on the beach! Second time to travel and ride the airplane, my sisters and our family went to Boracay as an advanced birthday treat to Kuya Ikoy.  This was planned months ago and it's a plus that Ate and Tita went with us.

It was no surprise that the baby enjoyed the beach.  And to spare us from buying a cake, we just stuck the candles on the white sand, making the whole beach, Euen's monthsary cake.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not so Merry Christmas

Euen's first Christmas was not so merry.   First, Shashing caught dengue and was hospitalized a week before Christmas.  Good thing, she was discharged on the 23rd.  But on the eve of Christmas, Lolo was rushed to the ER.  He was having a hard time breathing.

Good thing it wasn't pneumonia, he was on the ICU for a few days to be closely monitored then, was discharged before the New Year.   So, we had noche buena and media noche on the eve of January 1.

Eventhough it wasn't a merry Christmas, 2012 was a year full of blessings.  And the best gift was already given to us earlier this year.